Monday, November 18, 2019

Su Zi

Description:  A woman with mid-length, purple hair sits on a denim couch.   She is wearing a black skirt and tank top with a wide, black belt.  One arm is raised and holding a cellphone while the other sits on a studded purse.  

Pronouns:  She/her

Genres and fields of work:  Poetry/prose and pottery/printing/painting. She is the editor of Red Mare Books.

Pink House (her Etsy store) has paintings, clothes, pottery, and more.
*Click here to go there.

Social media (contact):  
Twitter - @xsuzi00

Books (clickable titles):

Transgression In Motion (Breaking Rules)
Chirp (Hysterical Books)
Lit (Jammin)
Tropical Depression (Outlandish Press)
Sister Woman
Building Community: The Gypsy Art Show Essays
Three Days
Solstice Epistles
Pillar of Salt
The Tissue of Language *Unable to purchase*

Biography (first person): Poet/painter/writer/artist. Horsekeeper. Editor of Red Mare poetry chapbook series. Second generation eco-feminist. Former teacher. My spoons tend to sometimes be antique, might be tarnished, and it’s difficult to keep them counted.

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