What is the D&ND Creatives List?

It's a blog/list/database of disabled and neurodivergent people who work or play in any creative area.  They can be writers, knitters, singers, cosmetologists, YouTube creators, dancers, interior designers, etc.

How does it work?

A new post will go up on the blog with each artist.  After that, the artist will be added to the page at the top of the blog with a link to that post.  All creative people will be listed in alphabetical order (by last name).

Email me at handyuncappedpen[at]gmail.com or contact me on Twitter (@HandUnPen)  for possible inclusion with the following information:
1.  Name
2.  Pronouns
3.  List of creative areas you work in
4.  Any links to your work ("purchase" links are acceptable)
5.  Any website, blog, or other social media links you want included
6.  A third-person biography that's print-ready
7.  Optional:  A picture or image to represent you (it can be one of your projects, it doesn't have to be you)

The subject line should say something about the list so I know why you're contacting me.

What if I don't want to be on the list anymore?

Email me and I'll remove you.

Why a list... why this?

There are a lot of talented people in our community, and I want to provide a little space for us.  Maybe this is just another shouting-in-the-echo-chamber endeavor, but no one really knows until it's out there.  If nothing else, this will be a way to learn about others.

How often will you post/update?

It depends on how many responses there are.  If you don't receive a response after a month, please query.

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